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Dr. Corey looks at the whole picture. Like other health-care providers, he follows a standard routine to gain information about the patient. He will consult, review the case history, conduct a physical examination, and he may request laboratory analyses and/or x-rays. Unlike other health-care providers, however, Dr. Corey also conducts a careful analysis of the patient's structure and pays particular attention to the spine. He will also ask you about your life- Do you eat well? Exercise at all? How do you deal with stress? Do you have children? What do you do for work? And so on.  No part of your body escapes the dominance of your nervous system.  Chiropractors have a term for misalignments: subluxations. A vertebral subluxation is a misalignment of the bones that protect the spinal cord. It's a leak in the roof. Or a kink in the wiring of your nervous system. Improper function of the spine due to slight misalignments or subluxations can cause poor health or function, even in areas far removed from the spine and spinal cord itself. Misalignments can also reduce the ability of your body to adapt to its ever-changing environment. Even the slightest malfunction of your spine may alter the regular transmission of nerve impulses, preventing that portion of your body from responding optimally.

​​We fix the origin of the problem. The severity of the subluxation can vary, and there are a number of potential contributing factors that can be physical, emotional, mental, or chemical. The subluxation can be caused by any number of incidents, from birth trauma to an auto accident to simple repetition or over-use.  A broad range of techniques are used to locate, analyze and gently correct vertebral misalignments (subluxations) in the spine.  Dr. Corey may use manual adjustments, applied kinesiology, activator or other brain based therapies. But he will never use pharmaceutical drugs or invasive surgery. Chiropractic is a natural method of healing that stimulates the body's communication system to work more effectively to initiate, control and coordinate the various functions of the cells, organs and systems of the body.

What is Chiropractic?

Simply put, it is a holistic approach to treating the cause of your symptoms.  Chiropractic is a natural form of health care that uses spinal adjustments to correct these misalignments or subluxations and restore proper function to the nervous system, helping your body to heal naturally. Chiropractic doctors practice natural, drugless, non-invasive health care and rely on the body's ability to self-heal. Sounds ideal, but just how does it work?

Just a Few of the Conditions Chiropractic can help:

  • Neck Pain or Stiffness
  • Back Pain or Stiffness
  • Spinal Disc Issues
  • Sciatica
  • Ear Infections
  • Colic
  • Headaches (Tension/ Migraines) 
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Athletic Injuries
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance
  • Scoliosis
  • ​Vertigo/ Balance Disorders
  • Hip/ Knee Pain
  • Allergies
  • Whiplash
  • Shoulder Pain

​​Dr. Corey seeks the source of the problem.  Using this information, a diagnosis is made. Included in the diagnosis is the probable reason for your pain or discomfort. It is important to note that chiropractors seek the origin of the illness in order to eliminate it-we do not simply treat the symptoms.  If your roof is leaking, do you simply catch the drips in a bucket for years on end, or do you repair the roof to prevent it from leaking? Similarly, if the migraine headache you've had all week is being caused by misaligned vertebra and an irritated nerve, do you continue to take pain killers indefinitely, or do you realign the vertebra to prevent the pain? You get the picture.