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We do not practice cookie cutter plans for our patients. When you come to WellnessStop, we work with you as a whole team to get the results you deserve.  The result is a specific nervous system based solution that doesn't rely on the use of drugs or surgery to improve your body's function.

Dr. Michael Corey in Tustin provides life changing care.  He does this by using innovative interpretations of Functional Chiropractic Neurology, Endocrinology and Immunology for an all-encompassing health and wellness program that is designed to get you better. 

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Because of this emphasis on the brain-body connection, your treatment will focus on the goal of balancing your brain's output to your body. When your brain operates more efficiently, it will communicate better with your whole body and in the majority of our patients it improves your overall function getting you the results you were looking for. 

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Within our services, we utilize the following techniques: