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The 3 main components of Trigenics® are referred to as the TRIGENICS® TRIAD, which consists of:

  1. Reflex NEUROLOGY
  2. MANIPULATION of nerve receptors/sensors
  3. BIOFEEDBACK Breathing

The 3 techniques of the TRIGENICS® TRIAD are applied simultaneously for a synergistic effect on the nervous system which resets brain and body communication.

In many cases, Trigenics® is the only form of treatment that is able to effectively help the patient. The cumulative result of a short series of Trigenics® treatments is that of sustained relief and recovery. The treatment itself requires interactive participation on the part of both the patient and the practitioner.

For this reason, Trigenics® is referred to as
“The Missing Element” of total-body care.

If tension imbalance due to neurological inhibition of spinal muscles is not first corrected, the bones in your spine can again quickly become restricted following joint manipulation. Because “NI” is not corrected by mechanical deep tissue massage or muscle stripping therapies, the nervous system must first be reset using Trigenics®. Muscular “knots’ and adhesions are then more effectively treated using massage or soft tissue release techniques. With Trigenics®, joints begin to move properly again without forceful manipulation or with only light mobilization. Your body’s energy systems are also balanced and enhanced.   

Trigenics® ... The Missing Element

When muscles undergo stress or injury, their sensors stop sending proper nerve reflex signals to the brain. These muscles then become neurologically short or weak causing improper joint movement through a process called “neurological inhibition” or “NI”. When muscles are in a state of neurological inhibition, they will not strengthen or stretch fully with exercise or rehabilitation. “NI” may not always be immediately perceptible but it will eventually lead to weak links in the muscle movement chain which will lead to injury, pain and/or deterioration. Your Registered Trigenics® Physician/Practitioner or “Trigenist” is fully trained to be able to detect neurological inhibition. Once assessed, the Trigenist will have you lightly exercise using specific resisted movements during your treatment to generate your own neurological reflexes. Then, through application of a sophisticated combination of 3 neuromanual medicine techniques, he or she will manipulate and redirect your nerve signals to effectively “reset” the way your brain communicates with your muscles and body.   

Trigenics® ... Your Complete Care

Your brain sends signals down through your nervous system to control all the systems of your body including your muscular system. There are nerve sensors in your muscles which send signals, called “reflexes”, to the brain telling the brain what the muscle is doing in order to coordinate movement.  The unique Trigenics® combination significantly accelerates healing and often helps where all else has failed!

Trigenics®: A Neurological Treatment System

With Trigenics®, your nervous system is treated to reset the way your brain communicates with your body. Trigenics® incorporates a gentle synergistic combination of contemporary western with recent advances in functional neurology.